A 40th Anniversary Edition of Perfume by Süskind Gets a Christian Lacroix Makeover


Book collectors and perfume lovers alike can turn their attention to the 40th Anniversary Edition of the French edition of Perfume The Story of a Murderer, by German writer Patrick Süskind. Published by Le Livre de Poche at the end of 2015, its cover has been illustrated by fashion designer Christian Lacroix...

First published in 1985, the novel about an overly gifted criminal mind, in the realm of olfaction, became a bestseller and was adapted into a movie by Tom Tykwer in 2006, to whose preview this blogger went then in Boston {See our movie review}.

The Anniversary Edition offers more than meets the eye. If commercial pictures show the cover, yet they do not stress that it's a hardbound tome; most people will expect a paperback in this collection.


Other fancy details include endpapers imitating artisan marbled paper.


The translation from German into French is by Bernard Lortholary.

Le_parfum_su%CC%88skind_4.jpg The pages are fine, recalling the bible paper used in the upscale, French La Pléiade collection at Gallimard - but not quite as fine.


The top-edge, fore-edge and foot-edge of the book have been colored in orange.

SRP: 7,90€

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