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mathilde_laurent_monde_odeurs.jpg In-house perfumer for the house of Cartier, Mathilde Laurent, has published a debut book in French entitled Un monde d'odeurs (A World of Smells)...

Books authored by perfumers can be real treats as they offer 1st-person access to what goes on in the industry and the thought processes of personalities more often than not portrayed for commercial motivations rather than for educational purposes.

The new tome reveals a pedagogical approach as it stems from a series of conferences given to children wanting to educate their noses and their minds about what perfumery is.

The larger issue it seems to want to raise is about the transmission of a know-how, a tradition - and a patrimony as well. The book asks "What if in the future we were not able to create or even preserve the greatest perfumes?"

Un monde d'odeurs, Les petites conférences, Bayard Jeunesse, 80 pages, 2015.

Price: 12,50€.

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