Dog Perfumes & Cool Art are So Uncool: A Rant {Fragrant Reading}

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Michele Hanson abhors the new high-profile doggie perfume trend (see previous post) as well as the kind of art best described by her as "Bleak Art Events I Have Known - the bare stone walls, installations, statements, the odd mattress, pair of tights, penis-nosed mannequins. The chaps who deliberately hadn't explained their works, wanting to be enigmatic - a clever trick if one has created a load of old cobblers." What do they have in common? Apparently they are totally irrelevant.......

(Cartoon from

Dog Bottoms Perfume Tony Husband.jpg
Cartoon by Tony Husband 

Regarding the non-necessity of dog perfumes in her eyes, she says that she speaks from experience and that "a dog's absolute favourite perfume is excrement. Try bottling some of that". Or alternatively try bottling the scent of dogs' bottoms, another favorite smell of theirs,

Read more in the Guardian to understand what makes her blood boil....

Do you think that perfuming a dog is a form of animal abuse?

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