Petite Amande by Mungo & Maud: A Fragrance for Dogs & Humans too {New Perfume}

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If the dog-friendly perfume creation trend continues to develop we will need to inaugurate a dog-perfume section on this blog; the latest brand to enter the arena of caninophile fragrances is Mungo & Maud , London-based self-described "dog and cat outfitters", with a scent called Petite Amande (Little Almond), which is meant to be worn by both dogs and human beings. It was created by perfumer Lyn Harris of Miller Harris......

The "Dog Fragrance" as durably spelled on the label, even if you made it your own, includes notes of "Tunisian neroli, mimosa and violet leaf on a base of sweet vanilla bourbon... with a little almond.

All ingredients have been carefully chosen and are of the highest quality. For humans too. Spray lightly onto coat. [your coat too obviously] 50ml."

Nicola Sacher of Mungo & Maud said to the Telegraph,

"For some time we had wanted to create an original fragrance for dogs made with refined ingredients that wouldn’t overpower the senses. A scent that would refresh the dog and appeal to the human nose too.

"I have admired Lyn Harris’ work for years and thought that her more natural sensibilities would work perfectly for this project."

Even if the brand claims to be the first on the market with this idea, it is not quite so. A few other such dog (and cat) perfumes have been already developed: Oh My Dog!, Oh My Cat! Sexy Beast, Pawfum....

The sign that this category of perfumes is taken seriously is that renowned perfumers known for their niche and luxury creations are enlisted to create them. 




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