OK & Bad Phthalates: New Reports {Fragrance News}


"Hitting back against claims that diethyl phthalate (DEP) poses serious health risks, the Fragrance Materials Association (FMA) declared the commonly used perfume ingredient safe.

In September, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) warned consumers to avoid exposure to the phthalate, which helps fragrances linger after application, citing animal studies indicating that it affects growth and food consumption.......

The environmental lobby group also said DEP, when mixed with other phthalates, affects hormone levels, semen quality and genital development. [...]

The FMA said the chemical profiles of different phthalate compounds differ significantly, which explains why the DEP is considered safe in Europe while the phthalates DBP and DEHP are banned in the continent."

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Image source from and more reads here: Stinky Phthalates

Have you ever been told by your doctor not to wear perfume during your pregnancy as it could be hazardous for your child?

In France, there are perfumes created especially for the purpose of being worn during one's pregnancy. Lyn Harris of Miller Harris also created Coeur d'Eté as a light subtle scent while she was pregnant and for her own usage.


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  1. Yes, horror of all horrors.
    To my great consternation - during my first pregnancy in 1988- the office nurse commented to me that I should "use less perfume" during the pregnancy. Why I asked, still basking in the joy of my long awaited baby. Oh just because she said. I was offended. She had no basis in science . she herself smoked cigarettes and reeked of them. and was surrounded by an aura of fertilizer.
    I took great offense to that comment - I wore fragrance throughout my 2 pregnancies-- ( morning sickness notwithstanding. I even wore my beloved Opium to Labor and delivery.
    I think the notion that certain substances could be deleterious to the wellbeing of an expectant mother should be "well-researched". before premature dismissal of its safety.

    Madelyn E

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