Escada S by Escada {New Perfume} {Scented Images}

Escada S.jpg

Escada has introduced a new women's perfume simply called Escada S. It is billed as a major launch and reportedly destined to become iconic of the brand. Escada has set up a website showcasing the new fragrance complete with commercials and the making-of these. The model is Sophie Vlaming.......

S features top notes of plum, blackcurrant, eglantine rose (rosa canina); heart notes are almond blossom, rose, muguet, and black pepper; base notes are mahogany, sandalwood, musk-like notes, and hazelnut.

Let it be known - so as to avoid confusion and note in passing that the initial "S" is very popular in perfumery - that there is also a fragrance called S by Sherrer and a brand titled S-Perfume founded by Sacré Nobi with a creation called S-Perfume.

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