Bulgari Man X All Blacks {Fragrance News} {New Packaging} {Men's Colognes}

Bulgari_Man_All_Blacks.jpg Jewelry and perfume maker Bulgari have partnered with the All Blacks team of New Zealand to present two new special editions called BVLGARI MAN IN BLACK ALL BLACKS and BVLGARI MAN EXTREME ALL BLACKS...

"With courage, boldness, passion and commitment, the All Blacks and Bulgari unite to produce a fragrance collection that can never be matched:

The new fragrance flacons house the "neo-oriental" signature of Bulgari Man in Black and the "vibrant Mediterranean freshness" of Bulgari Man Extreme.

The "Moko" facial tattoo pattern has been selected to decorate the surfaces of the bottles. For Bulgari, the motif is there to convey to the modern urbanite its original meaning sourced from "A longstanding indigenous Polynesian tradition, given to warriors as a sign of manhood and extraordinary strength."

These are limited-editions. Bulgari and the All Blacks rugby team have already partnered on other luxury projects, including the production of All Blacks timepieces.

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