Chanel Bleu de Chanel Now Available in Luxury Size {Fragrance News}


Chanel have decided that the best way to showcase their new modern fragrance for men Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum is to give it more room, in a larger content flacon...

It now comes in a 5 fl.oz bottle which is about 150 ml. This is an invitation to reapply, obviously - and you could as it is an easy fragrance to wear.

"A bigger, bolder Bleu de Chanel. The sensual, sophisticated eau de parfum debuts in a generous 5.0 oz size"

In the fragrance brand battle taking place between Dior and Chanel around the new scent Sauvage fronted by Johnny Depp and the older Bleu de Chanel edp fronted by a more discreet showbusiness persona, French thespian Gaspard Ulliel, you might start to think that not only does color matter, but size too. If we're reading this correctly, it is an attempt to emulate what car makers were doing with SUVs. It's about competitive advantage based on taking up maximum space.

We're pretty sure Chanel do not wish to see the image superimpose on this new initiative, but at some symbolic level, the brand are proposing the equivalent of the man's spread in perfume bottle form.

Price: $150.

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