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1998 advert with Patrick Dupond from Mes Parfums

If in 1998 Caron chose an étoile ballet dancer, Patrick Dupond, to incarnate the image of masculinity they wanted to project for their classic lavender cologne Pour Un Homme (For A Man), in 2008 it appears much more controversial to present a type of man that is as far removed as one could dream of from the new take on masculinity commonly dubbed "metrosexual".....

Caron this time has turned to yet another unconventional choice, but going in the other direction. Rugbyman Sébastien Chabal has been given nicknames such "Seabass", "Caveman", and "Attila". Known for his aggressive style during the game, his wife describes him as a "gentle giant".


Pour Un Homme 2008 is a return to a masculinity without ambiguity; even Chabal's long hair cannot be mistaken for a sign of femininity, but rather with the rest of his look it is like a supplementary affirmation of testosterone and strength in the biblical tradition of Samson and Dalilah.

Apparently nowadays "real men" do not even bother to make acquaintance with the scissors of the barber and just prefer to hold everything back in a ponytail. Et voilà!

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  1. I love this fragrance and use it as a regular day/officewear... But after seeing this ad am extremely urged to throw it out of my window. Like it too much. Probably should try to purge the memory of the pic.

  2. Nooo, don't do that, it's a great fragrance! This ad is certainly not PC and bland, one thing you have to give it to it. But I understand that you might find it too furry for your taste :)


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