Prada Exclusive No. 8 Opoponax, No.9 Benjoin, No. 10 Myrrhe (2008) {New Fragrances}






Prada have launched a new trio of exclusive scents in their boutique collection called No. 8 Opoponax, No. 9 Benjoin (Benzoin), and No. 10 Myrrhe (Myrrh). They come complete a library of perfumes each devoted to the interpretation of a particular raw material with ingredients sourced in a very selective fashion and which already includes No. 1 Iris, No. 2 Oeillet, No. 3 Cuir Ambre, No. 4 Fleur d'Oranger released in 2003, as well as No. 5 Narciso, No. 6 Tubereuse, No. 7 Violette introduced in 2007........

The new fragrances are described in the following manner,

"No.8 OPOPONAX (oppoponax) - a soft touch of bergamot refreshes the warm blend of oppoponax in essence as well as in resinoide, cistus, santal and amber

No.9 BENJOIN (benzoin) - the bitter orange tree (bigaradier) allies with the resinous sweet balsamic scent of benzoin enhanced by vanilla and musk.

No.10 - MYRRHE (myrrh) - a surprising combination of fresh citrussy bergamot and cedrat from Italy, with aromatic lavender, and charismatic patchouli and myrrh."

Now available at Liberty.  


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