B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Inhale, Exhale, & Breath of God (2007-2008) {New Fragrances}


Last year we reported for the first time about Lush's sister company, B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. Their sense of whimsy was immediately attractive just by looking at the stories and packaging. This year the brand have released three new perfumes with the added twist that the latest one happens to be quite literally the love child of the first two.

Inhale (for her) and Exhale (for him) have recently given birth to Breath of God. In-house perfumer Simon Constantine was inspired for this series by his travel to Tibet.....


Exhale Body Spray is a rendition of the smoky atmosphere found in Tibetan temples, while Inhale Body Spray is a composition evoking the clean fresh air of the Tibetan mountains. Breath of God was structured around the mainly base notes of Exhale and primarily top notes of Inhale, reportedly with a 50 % inclusion of each fragrance.

Inhale (2007), a citrusy floral, has notes of: bergamot, neroli, violet leaf, and jasmine.....

Exhale (2007) has notes of amber, sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, lemon.... 

Breath of God (2008) is a limited numbered edition produced in only 50 copies. There is also a black scented fan.

Available at B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful 


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  1. inhale probably wouldn't impress me (jasmine and i don't get along), but exhale sounds nice. i'd want to smell breath of god just for it's name...sounds like a skin scent!

    the glamourista
  2. The name is wonderful.

    I think it's always a good idea to try on a scent anyway, because you never know if a certain note won't be treated in such a way that it becomes interesting and nice. I'd especially recommend having this attitude towards perfumes you can guess will not be automatically offering a standard jasmine concoction in their bottles.

    Have you tried Jean Patou Joy or L'Artisan La Haie Fleurie du Hameau or Serge Lutens A la Nuit ? I'd also recommend Marjorie Midgarden Summersent, Van Cleef & Arpels Murmure, and L'Artisan Thé Pour Un Eté (with green tea).

  3. you're right, i shouldn't be so close-minded! i will give some of your suggestions and try, and i'll let you know if my fear of jasmine is unfounded!

    the glamourista
  4. I am guessing that you might not like the indolic facet of jasmine (it can smell gasoline-like, fecal, leathery), so it might be a good idea to shoot for a fruity, juicy, light jasmine (Thé Pour Un Eté is light and A La Nuit is a bit aqueous/dewy and fruity)

    Caron Acaciosa is a wonderful rich jasmine, fruity and golden, a bit woody, but it is also indolic


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