B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful.... & to choose from 9 perfumes {Spotlight on a Brand}

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B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful is the very explicit and programmatic name for a beauty brand that is an extension of Lush but developed according to the laws of a different universe, those of a giant dressing table as seen through the eyes of a child,

“The inspiration had come from playing at my aunty penny’s dressing table as a child and I wanted to recreate that playfulness and fun” says Rowena Bird, B’s co-founder “we wanted to create a brand which would become desirably collectable in years to come and that customers would have a passion for collecting, so I spent a long time investigating different forms of packaging from all over the world and it was in India and Morocco that I found the biggest inspirations........
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However the magic of B really begins when you lift the lids off the perfumes or bejewelled pots, finding inside beautiful fragrances or powerful colours that will satisfy anyone in search of ethical beauty that doesn’t scrimp on glamour.” [....]

B NEVER TOO BUSY TO BE BEAUTIFUL stores are an Aladdin’s cave of eclectic gorgeousness and wonderment specialising in colour cosmetics and fragrance. With gilt walls, kitsch fabric flowers and exquisite packaging, B seductively draws you in."

B currently proposes a line of 9 fragrances packaged in bottles that are very froufrou, except for the men's spritzer called Dirty, which looks more like a house cleaning product than fine fragrance on the face of it. Note however that Lady Boy is for men despite its boudoir appearance. Different sizes are available.

The other perfumes are named Two Hearts Beating As One, A Thousand Kisses Deep, B Scent, Cocktail, Keep It Fluffy, Love, and Om. While we were dozing apparently these came out and others were discontinued, like Dear John. The perfumes are created by Lush founder and head-perfumer Mark Constantine. All of them come with the certificate that they are Vegan fragrances. They are only available in the UK.

You can read more about the fragrances here

Please note that if you go to Retro Lush, you can also cast a vote for your favorite product to return to the shelves of Lush. 

They have also announced a new upcoming fragrance called Go Green under the Lush label, which we will post about separately. 


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  1. where can I find these stores in Minnesota?

    • I think that these can only be found in the UK at the moment.

      Chant Wagner

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