Bois Fleuri & Ecoute Moi by Molinard {New Fragrances}

Bois Fleuri_Ecoute Moi! Molinard.jpg

Molinard, a perfumer from the south of France established 1849, and the creator of the celebrated classic Habanita, amongst others, has just released two new perfumes in La Collection Parfumée called Bois Fleuri (Blossoming Wood) and Ecoute Moi (Listen To Me)......

Descriptions from the website are very succint; Bois Fleuri is described as a bouquet of white flowers and Ecoute Moi as a sensual and oh so feminine fragrance.

Each perfume, in their new art-deco packaging, retails for 40 Euros. 

You can read our review of Jasmin de Molinard.

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