Nana-M, an All-Women Fragrance Niche Brand Hailing from Grasse is Created {New Perfumes} {Spotlight on a Brand}

Nana_M.png This late summer of 2015, a new niche perfume house called Nana-M was established by French perfumer Céline Ripert, who is normally attached to fragrance resource house Mane...

She is the author of Reminiscence Sea Rem, among others.

According to the house, Nana-M is dedicated to creating "strong olfactory signatures" while leaving enough space for beautiful perfumery materials to breathe and express themselves.

It is a hallmark of the school of perfumers hailing from Grasse to be particularly attuned to the naturalness of perfumery ingredients.

In her mission statement, the perfumer adds that she is most interested in selling dreams, which translates into a collection of 8 perfumes all containing the word "rêve".


Perfumer Céline Ripert

Rêve Fou, Poudre de Rêve, Rêve Royal, Rêve de Sensualité, Rêve Piquant, Rêve Romantique, Une Île, Un Rêve and Rêve Erotique, all illustrate a common attempt to lift you from the mundane aspects of everyday life.


A convenient sampler of 8 x 4 ml bottles can be purchased

The handcrafted flacons have been created by artisan glass-blower Christophe Saba in Biot, a village in the south of France reputed for its artisanal glass work.

The atomizers have an on and off position so that the fragrance does not evaporate.

Each coffret comes with a 13 ml travel flacon (185€ for 50 ml + 13 ml.) A coffret of perfume samples can also be ordered (32€.)


The name of the house hints at a celebration of femininity. A "nana" is a "broad." The exhibition on Niki de Saint-Phalle at the Grand Palais which called attention to her huge broads, the nanas, might have had some cultural influence.

Co-founder Fiona Tiberi is the product manager. In a rare move to show some of the behind-the-scenes of perfumery, "olfactory mannequins" those who test the perfumes are also credited in picture (see above.)

As you can see, the new house deserves its baptism name.

Via Nice Matin; Nana-M

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