Perfumes Inspired by Beauty Products: The Cosmetics Fiend Edition {Fragrance List}

Here is a list of some current beauty-inspired perfumes, a genre which has always existed and will continue to thrive.

Although discontinued now, Lush even created a whole collection of perfumes based on some of their most popular beauty and bath products.

2013 Update: Lush have done it again, they have developed a new series of perfumes which smell just like their bath and body products, only more complex in principle. 



Fresh have launched a perfume simply called Brown Sugar directly inspired by their popular similarly called beauty scrub. Of course, the scent has become a little bit more complex, noblesse oblige. The perfume features top notes of Sicilian lemon, tangerine, açai; heart notes of  sugared magnolia, sheer honeysuckle, peach nectar; base notes of caramel, warm amber, cypress...


lipstick_rose_frederic_malle.jpgLipstick Rose by Frédéric Malle Editions de Parfums is a sophisticated homage to the rose-violet scented lipstick in case you always thought you couldn't get enough of this feminine scent. The composition is signed by perfumer Ralf Schwieger.

 coty_powder_love_Chloe.jpgLove, Chloé was reportedly inspired by a Coty face powder. If you want to have the feel of dainty face powder in liquid form, this is it. The twist here is that the Coty powders were scented with fine fragrance compositions: L'Origan, Chypre, Emeraude, L'Aimant. It's a little bit like looking at a source of inspiration coming full circle.

rice_powder_perfume.jpgChantal Thomass may be better known for her lingerie collections but her latest fragrance launch, Osez-Moi smells like a cloud of rice powder. Rice-powder accords are some of the most imitated beauty scenting accords borrowed by fine perfumes.

 balm_diesel_fuel_him.jpgThe brand name of the original men's balm was not revealed, but Diesel Fuel for Him is a direct heir to a lavender and anise balm. Renzo Rosso asked perfumer Annick Ménardo to take a sniff at a grooming product he loved so that it could be turned into a men's cologne.

Jean_paul_gaultier_classique.jpgJean-Paul Gaultier Classique launched in 1994 and was partly inspired by the scent of nail polish. The first years, the advertising for the fragrance did not forget to reference this accord which was considered then an original, modern idea.

aleppo_soap_Laurel_scent_Two.jpgOne of my personal favorite scents is Comme des Garçons + Monocle Scent Two: Laurel. It was inspired by thousands of years old Aleppo soap.

Ambre_solaire_fire_island.jpgIn the tradition of Chaldée by Patou, which was inspired by Huile de Chaldée, an early suntan oil is Fire Island by Bond No. 9 showcasing the scent of the mythical Ambre Solaire suntan lotion, a brand which is very popular in France.

nivea_Teint_neige_villoresi.jpgThe lovely powdery rose accord of Nivea cream created in 1911 has made an appearance in a number of fragrances over the years. Try Teint de Neige (Snow-White Complexion) by Italian perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi launched in 2000 for a homage to the grand-mother of all creams. His Musk is also derived from this Nivea accord.

soap_belle_epoque_chanel.jpgCoco Chanel herself revealed as one of her sources of inspiration for Chanel No.5 the scent of soap on the freshly cleaned skin of elegant courtesan Emilienne d'Alençon.

imperial_leather_Cussons.jpgIn 2010, Imperial Leather by PZ Cussons released a limited edition of Dacha Parfum, a perfume inspired by their classic and deliciously scented soap Imperial Leather. Only 500 copies were made and were not even put on sale. You could only win it in a prize draw. This is another example of a perfume coming full circle. The fragrance originated as one of the earliest atmospheric fragrances in 1768 when Count Orloff asked an English perfume house to capture the scent and atmosphere of the Imperial Russian court. Turkish Rose, Lavender, Cumin and Precious Amber were mixed and Eau de Cologne Impériale Russe was born. When Cussons took over, this Eau de Cologne became the scent of their signature soap Imperial Leather. Let's hope they make Dacha more available in the future.

Monoi_tiare_perfume.jpgEstablished in 1942, Parfumerie Tiki in Tahiti has been making the traditional Monoï oil suffused with Tahitian gardenia. They have since then diversified their offerings adding a few variations such as Coco and Ylang-Ylang. Going a step further they have also recognised that the addictive scent of their oil could be used even when not sunbathing or dabbing some onto your hair. The Tiare Tahiti Eau de Toilette is here to make you feel like a vahine beautifying her skin and hair.

Bronze_goddess_azuree_soleil.jpgEstée Lauder Bronze Goddess is the offspring of Tom Ford Azurée Soleil oil meant to nourish and scent your skin, which when it was introduced in 2007 drove back beauty addicts in frenzy to the counters for multiple purchases. This year they have also launched Bronze Goddess Soleil, a citrusier twist on the original blend.

New Additions: 

Prada No. 14 Rossetto (2013)

Nuxe Prodigieux le Parfum (2012)

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