Lush Scent Calacas, Ponche, Rose Jam & Snowcake (2013) {New Perfumes} {Green Products}



Lush have launched a range of online exclusive fragrances, which are fine perfume forms of popular bath and body products. Snowcake is a yearly Christmas-y re-edition. Calacas, Ponche and Rose Jam have escaped the confines of a soap bar or shower gel to get to be sprayed in all the right places for further refinenement of sensations...

Ponche orginates in Mexico as a popular local fruit punch which was first captured in a shower gel.

"Ponche is a party fragrance, bursting with fruity energy and just the thing to pair with your best dress and high heels. The citrus scent of pettigrain oil combines with exotic davana and buchu oils to create something really special."


Rose Jam comes from the Rose Jam bubbleroon and Ro’s Argan body conditioner. It's a bestseller scent for the brand. 

"We’ve taken real Turkish rose oil and rose absolute, added a hint of zingy lemon and a dash of geranium oil, which brings its own sweet, floral and slightly sharp note to the mix. The resulting fragrance is rich and fruity."

Calacas is actually a perfume devised originally for the Halloween season and found in three bath and body products: Calacas shower jelly, The Enchanter bath bomb and Lady Catrina soap.

"This fruity little number smells deliciously of lime and jelly beans, and puts a smile on the face of all who wear it. Lime and neroli oils give Calacas its citrusy kick, and we’ve added frankincense, or olibanum, to give a deeper richness to the perfume."


Snowcake is inspired orginally by Marzipan and scents Snowcake Soap, Marzibain bubble bar and Smitten hand cream. 

"There’s something addictive about this sweet marzipan fragrance [...] Snowcake has all the delicious warmth of an almond pastry or a crisp macaroon, with sweet benzoin resinoid, floral rose absolute and the blackcurrant fruitiness of cassie absolute. This is a cosy, snuggly fragrance that’s just perfect to see you through a long cold winter." 

There was also a Snow Fairie, but it seems not to be available anymore on their website. 

These are limited-editions. The perfumes are rated "vegan" by the brand. 

Prices differ depending on the scent, from £23 to £30 for 30 ml. 

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