Hermès Welcomes Perfumer Christine Nagel Alongside Jean-Claude Ellena - More Details {Fragrance News}


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Earlier today, we announced the arrival of nose Christine Nagel at Hermès. Per the official press release, and in the house's own terms, "Hermès welcomes Christine Nagel alongside Jean-Claude Ellena," announcing early the appointment, which will be effective from March 2014...

Nagel is moving from her position at fragrance company Mane as vice-president of fine fragrance creation and director of creation.

Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena said,

"The choice of Christine Nagel is obvious to me. The space which is opening up before us is one of exchange, of freedom, of difference." (Our translation).

Nagel will be entrusted with developing new projects for the house of Hermès in consultation with Jean-Claude Ellena who will continue to fully pursue his creative mission as well as that of asserting the olfactory style of Hermès.

Ellena has reportedly expressed the wish to start transmitting his knowledge and experience to Christine Nagel about what constitutes the "singularity of Hermès Parfums" in order to prepare ahead for "a serene succession" whenever that moment should take place in the future.

It sounds like this deadline is a mix of personal decision - possibly administrative deadlines for retirement - and about gauging the right time, that is when Nagel will be wholly ready to take over.

Catherine Fulconis, President of Hermès Parfums said, "With the arrival of Jean-Claude Ellena in 2004, Hermès inaugurated a novel path. 10 years later we are enriching our history with a new and beautiful encounter. We share together with Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the artistic director at Hermès, the conviction that Christine Nagel will know how to put her personality and talent in the service of the writing of new pages of our know-how (métier) at Hermès." (Our translation).

More information forthcoming closer to March 2014.

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