Colère d'Epices, Tourbillon de Thé, Fureur d'Agrumes, Tempête de Zeste, & Folie de Figue by Esteban {New Perfumes}



The Parisian niche perfume house Esteban has launched a new collection of perfumes in a new line called "Collection Couleurs" (Color Collection). It comprises five perfumes that are evocativally, energetically, and dare I say even furiously named Colère d'Epices (Wrath of Spices), Tourbillon de Thé (Whirl of Tea), Fureur d'Agrumes (Furor of Citruses), Tempête de Zeste (Tempest of Zeste), and Folie de Figue (Fig Madness)......

Colère d'Epices has notes of pimento, fresh spices, cardamom, ginger, flowers, amber, and musk. 

Tourbillon de Thé has citrus fruit, rose, jasmine, and musk.

Fureur d'Agrumes has aniseed, citrus, violet, orris, and vetiver. 

Tempête de Zeste unfolds notes of grapefruit, basilic, flowers, and sandalwood.

Folie de Figue has notes of fig fruit, leaves, bark, and green aromatic notes.

Source: Esteban 

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