Coleen X by Coleen McLoughlin {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}

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As previously announced, British celebrity Coleen McLoughlin has now launched her signature perfume called in the end Coleen X. If ever proof was needed that celeb fragrances are more than other types of perfumes about image, image, image, here we have it. Already public conversations center more on the photoshopped image of the young woman on the advert than on her recent contribution to perfumery. In case anyone is interested the new perfume features a “top note of sweet orange with a heart of marine accords and patchouli and a base of vanilla, amber and musk” and was developed with Robertet.


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  1. Sweet orange,marine accord and patchouli? Yikes. they'd have to do a lot more than Photoshop me to make me try it.

  2. hiya im very intrested in this new coleen perfume is there any price yet. Also is there any samples aroung yet
    thanks finley

  3. wondering when this perfume will be available in ireland?? and what the price would be??

  4. HI I'd like to try the new fragrance where and when is it available?

  5. Hi,

    Currently it's available at Selfridges for £19.99.

  6. Hi
    I bought Coleen's new perfume & I think it smells fantastic, it's new, fresh & a breath of fresh air for a everyday use. I love it!!

  7. i waz in the photoshoot launching this purfume! it waz soo fun & i got a free sample! it is awesome & i really reccomend it!!! xxx

  8. i would like to try this perfume were do u get a free sample!?


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