Iconofly Attache-Moi (2009): Ode To The Bracelet and Ties {New Perfume}


ICONOfly, an art magazine founded in 2006 by Olivia Bransbourg and dedicated to the showcasing of a fashion accessory in each of their issues, have partnered with three names from the perfumery world to create a signature perfume for the magazine. Their latest issue is dedicated to the bracelet. Attache-Moi, which they translate as Hold To Me, but which I understand to be able to translate as Tie Me (Up), was composed by perfumers Christine Nagel and Benoist Lapouza of Fragrance Resources. Serge Mansau designed an artwork which is a flask-bracelet in a very limited-edition for collectors...


The jus also comes in a more straightforward guise, as bottled in a simple glass spray flacon decorated with a leather strip that you can tie around your wrist after you have sprayed it with perfume. The bracelet-flacon is available in 8 copies and the perfume in the spray bottle is a limited-edition numbered from 1 to 1000.

The beautiful flask-bracelet was blown by Jean-Pierre Baquère and covered with gold leaf by Isabelle Emmerque.

Attache-Moi is described as,

"a scent-canvas interwoven with wood, musk and amber notes. To create this evocatively named perfume, Christine Nagel and Benoist Lapouza have captured the essence of tactile and textured materials that are not easy to work with. Balsams, resins and ambers reveal their warm and sensual side, bringing to life a captivating scent to which one returns, again and again."

I have the perfume in hands and will report on it as soon as possible.

Christine Nagel already collaborated previously with the magazine for a perfume poem-collage called Hora.

Meanwhile, here is a video teaser here. The perfume can be bought here, 80 € for 50 ml (update: the site is no longer available at the original address: https://iconofly.myshopify.com/products/artworks). It is also available at Le Bon Marché.

Do you have a bracelet or tie or knot story to share?

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