Video Interview with Perfumer Calice Becker from 2008 {Scented Thoughts}

Perfumer Calice Becker, the author of J'Adore by Dior, Tommy Girl, Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise for Men and Women, Calvin Klein Secret Obsession, Marc Jacobs Lola, Vera Wang Rock Princess and more, who works in New York City is interviewed in the video below in French by news channel France24...

A couple of points she makes are worth mentioning. She thinks that perfumers are not artists because they do not create in the absolute but rather for a commercial purpose. Perfumers in her view are more like designers or craftsmen.

She also thinks that it is an "enormous accomplishment" to have your accord, which was successful in a fragrance launch, be identified, recreated and reproduced by other perfumers for the market.

You can watch the video: Calice Becker, Un Sacré Nez (Calice Becker, A Hell of a Perfumer)

Added: just found the English version of the interview: Calice Becker, a Keen Sense of Smell

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