Post-Scriptum to Chanel Coco Noir (2012): Coco Noir By Design {Perfume Review & Musings}


We said yesterday how Coco Noir was by design a perfume meant to smell very good and to make you smell fabulous but deplored the abrupt ending of the sillage.

A new twist in the personality of the fragrance was revealed this morning as we went about town. The perfume smells remarkably good and lasting when worn on your clothing, a fact that came to our attention as a luminous, sparkling, unexpected chypre sillage lingered in the air...

As is almost always the case, you want to ask someone standing in the same room what is that wonderful perfume you are wearing? If, out of politeness, you refrain and catalogue the scent in your mind as a particularly well-done, classic chypre, and then realize later that you are the one wearing that perfume on your ajouré sleeve, it opens a new vista onto a composition described by its creators as a "luminous Oriental". 

The light, here, comes it seems from the Mediterranean coast; it is the chypré light. It is quite often that one can see a mix of the Oriental and the Chyrpré in a perfume. 

To make sure we had found a new thread woven into the perfume, we sprayed anew on our clothes and as we went back out again, yes, you could readily smell what it would become later on. In the bottom of the perfume, there was that chypre accord. Even better, our sleeve and skin underneath duly refreshed, a woman suddenly exclaimed with near amazement and a certain level of uncontrolled passion as we walked past her "It smells good!!!". 

We should have told her what it is. It's Coco Noir in its most unadulterated state, Coco Noir by design, a fact brought to light with the help of a slitted cotton sleeve.  

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  1. The sillage actually reminds me of 31 Rue Cambon. Sorry to sound a bit snobbish, but overall Coco Noir is a bit too "bling bling" for my taste. Besides how many more variations is Jacques Polge going to make arround the Coco Mademoiselle main accord (Allure Sensuelle, Chance, 31 Cambon and even No 5 Eau Premiere at some point). Just like CM we are going to smell Coco Noir for many years on the subway.


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