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Sofía is the debut fragrance of actress Sofia Vergara. It launched in 2014. She said then about the floriental composition created by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic of IFF that it bore the character of not only her personality but geographic and ethnic origins,

"I have orchids and roses because those are my favorite flowers, and they're Colombian. I wanted to bring a little bit of who I am, my ethnicity, where I'm from, and I thought it was very cool to be able to get flowers from Colombia actually into the perfume,"

The fragrance turns out to be more surely about her personality than an exotic, strange-smelling destination - the thespian does not like olfactory excess. This fact impacts the blend, which takes an easy-wearing French perfume as a model and makes it even easier to wear...

What you will get with Sofía eau de parfum is a spin-off of La Vie est Belle by Lancôme, with some extra nuances and a simplified composition.

The blend reprises the idea of a floral perfume juxtaposing itself on a bed of candy floss, or ethyl maltol. But where the Lancôme proposition puts the spotlight on iris, Sofia devotes its floral motif to a tart rose accord, the one dubbed the "Columbian rose" one.

This aquatic, tart and slightly acidic rose is contrasted more obviously here than in its model with a counterpart of caramel. This is a more "readable" perfume if you will. It lets go of the intricacies found in the original inspiration.

The fresh rose is classic, young and "traditional" also in its use of a cedarwood counterpoint. The jasminey nuance is a bit raw and indolic, but not too much. The violet and orchid notes are best felt in the sweet velvety facet of the composition.

The fragrance evolves to smell sweet and fresh, vaguely creamy and vanillic. It evokes those chocolatey Sharry Baby Orchid accords found in a number of celebrity fragrances. Its persona points in the direction of a Victoria's Secret perfume, but without the coconut excess and sweeter tooth.

This is a lighter, more discreet kind of VS-styled scent. It smells like what you would expect a mainstream American lingerie fragrance to smell like: sweet and clean, but with more of an accent put on unobtrusiveness.


Vergara is known as the sexy mom and trophy wife Gloria Delgado-Pritchett of TV-sitcom Modern Family. Her comedic skills go beyond those stereotypes as she is also a funny woman, who can be hilarious. Like a less distorted and femme version of Jerry Lewis, she is a looker who can provoke genuine belly-laughs in you. Her gags not unfrequently involves sartorial cues, including showing off her character's lingerie collection, or like in her new movie Hot Pursuit, making fun of "granny underwear". So, it's no surprise to see her scent be in that line of sweet sexy perfume you wear close to the skin. The real person in real life did say about her taste in perfume that,

"I usually go for the ones that I can wear throughout the whole day. I don't like anything that is too crazy. I always want to wear stuff that I know guys and girls appreciate, not something that is very sweet or something too masculine and woody."

The audience for Sofía will be women who enjoy a vaguely sweet, feminine fragrance with caramel and vanilla accents and a sensual finish which remains office-appropriate, the latter which is actually pretty nice. The drydown is layerable spritz upon spritz and gets better with each new layer. It's a very nice generic sandalwood finish. Jovanovic has had a good opportunity to develop a long sandalwood drydown for a completely different bird, Editions de Parfums Dries Van Noten.

Sofía offers the merit of being a very light gourmand scent toned down for the purposes of appealing to the mothers of daughters who wear all sorts of candy-derived perfumes - and Victoria's Secret lingerie. This is a more mature version of this tribe of perfumes.

Fragrance notes: Blackberry, Sparkling Cassis Buds, Plum / Purple Violet, Colombian Rose, Colombian Orchid / Earthy Woods, Vanilla, Sandalwood

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