Demeter Petrichor (2017) {New Perfume}


Demeter Fragrance Library has tackled the scent of petrichor, that natural smell which the dry earth exhales after the rain thanks to a chemical reaction, with Petrichor. It is also inserting a reference to pop culture and Dr. Who in particular...

"Paging Dr. Who Fans! Remember the episode of 'Dr. Who ', where the doctor flies into the future and stumbles across a giant advertisement for a new perfume, with Amy Pond as the face of the new fragrance, and the slogan "For the Girl Who Is Tired of Waiting"?

Now, the wait is over!"

The advertisement of a fictional Petrichor scent in the episode "Closing Time" led to speculations that the BBC might want to make the idea come to fruition.

The cologne is unisex. The brand usually relies on a faithful rendition of nature.

Prices: $3-$39,50.

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