Jovoy Incident Diplomatique Teases Your Desire of Transgression (2017) {New Perfume}


Who would want to wear a perfume called "diplomatic incident"? Since we live in dangerous times, it might be the right moment. French niche brand Jovoy has issued a new scent for both men and women baptized Incident Diplomatique, a playful twist on the notion of transgression in perfumery...

If you can't break all the rules in society, at least your perfume can live in a semantic field filled with your own fantasies, in which everything goes.

The composition reportedly took two years to develop. The blend is signed by independent perfumer-chemist Vanina Muracciole, who is said to have worked on a "daring vetiver" note.

"We brush by it, we risk it, without ever thinking about the consequences... Incident Diplomatique clearly possesses its share of superb provocation - bold, owned, and entirely inevitable when desire exudes from our every pore. As unexpected as it is audacious, the fragrance refuses convention and knowingly parades itself. Just as we might give into a staggering impulse too strong to resist, it declares its urges, teasing tension to the breaking point..."

The eau de parfum has mandarin in the top, then nutmeg and vetiver in the heart while the base rests on patchouli and sandalwood.

SRP: 130€ for 100 ml.

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