Scented Quote of the day, from the Holy Teaching of Vimalakirti:

(...) Noble sirs, how does the Tathagata Sugandhakuta teach his Dharma?

They replied the Tathagata does not teach the Dharma by means of sound and language. He disciplines the bodhisattvas only by means of perfumes...

At the foot of each perfume-tree sits a bodhisattva and the trees emit perfumes like this one. From the moment they smell that perfume, the boddhisattvas attain the concentration called "the source of all bodhisattvas-virtues. From the moment they attain that concentration all the bodhisattvas-virtues are produced in them."

The Holy Teaching of Vimalakirti
Translation by Robert A. F. Thurman (Uma Thurman's dad - for those who follow celebs news)

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