Scented Thoughts: How to Define a Good Perfume & Double Take on Fragonard by Fragonard {Perfume Short (Review)}



Yesterday, sitting on the couch, sipping my early morning cup of coffee, the lamps unlit, the blinds still un-drawn, and the laptop on, I suddenly became aware of the presence of an exquisite scent surrounding me. It made its presence felt and then disappeared, came back, tenuous and all the more delicate and intriguing for that reason...

I tried hard not to let go of it, now inhaling carefully and more deeply while concentrating on trying to recognize it, focusing even more intensely as I wasn't distracted by any glaring object that I could visualize in the semi-obscurity. 

Was I dreaming, was it some sort of illusion, or maybe was I just unknowingly recreating an olfactory memory?


The new packaging for Fragonard as of 2013
Now the scent became more tangible, felt intimate, and stayed on as if happy to have found its balancing point. I suddenly remembered my woolen shawl hastily thrown at the back of the couch and the perfume I was wearing the day before: Fragonard by Fragonard! I had never suspected until then how lovely it smelled. That moment served to help me objectify its beauty and I simply had to wear it for Easter egg hunt day with a renewed, deeper appreciation for it.

I've discovered that it is the sign of a truly good perfume when it can become something else than you thought it was. A truly moving fragrance will possess the power of metamorphosis and will surprise you by taking on different olfactory hues and identities along time. Its nature will be to be both elusive and present.
Fragrance notes: jasmine, lily, honeysuckle, amber, bergamot 
Lifestyle note: this can be considered to be a good wedding perfume, either for the bride or guests as a wedding favor.
Photo illustration: Edwardian Brides & Bridegrooms by English Photographer available for purchase at  Visit 

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  1. Fragonard de Fragonard is my favorite Fragonard scent so far. I think of it as a beautiful honeysuckle blend and I wear the parfum which came as part of my mini parfum set.

    Thanks so much for visiting my Pink Manhattan blog earlier and for putting it under your links. I'll link to yours as well.

  2. Hi Sali,

    Fragonard and Eau Fantasque are my two favorite Fragonards.

    Thank you so much for linking up to my blog -- It's nice to know we'll be neighbors:)

    Mimi Froufrou

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