New Perfume: Sensuelle Russie by Esteban



A new fragrance by Esteban called Sensuelle Russie (Sensual Russia) is available in Europe. It is said to be a perfume inspired by the marriage of hot and cold found in the Russian soul. The scent is described as a sensual, refined, and voluptuous woody oriental. The perfume is part of a collection that was inaugurated with Fraîcheur Andalouse (Andalusian Coolness).

Top notes are bergamot and Siberian pine. Middle notes are cardamom and cinnamon. Base notes are cedar, patchouli, and vanilla. 

A 100 ml flacon of eau de toilette (the only concentration available) retails for 30 Euros. 

Sources & Image: Osmoz, Esteban  

Please read on if you wish to have more information on mail ordering.

(Mail order selling)
49 rue de Rennes
75006 PARIS

TEL : 33 (0) 1 45 49 09 39
FAX : 33 (0) 1 40 27 04 16

You can also find a list of US retailers on their site. Four Seasons recently received Douceur Balinaise but not this one. Aedes does not seem to carry the Esteban line anymore. I thought that Les Senteurs d'Ailleurs had it, but not anymore it seems.

Shipping cost from France to the US for Sensuelle Russie is 12 Euros (prices are based on package weight).  They have recently declared that they do not ship to the US.

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  1. I want this! :-)

  2. I know you would:)) When I saw the Russian theme + the cardamom, I thought = Marina!

  3. Must. Have. Sounds absolutely fantastic!

  4. Do you have any idea what the prices are for these scents?

    Christina H.
  5. C, That's a good question! I just double-checked their site and, indeed, no prices are quoted.

    I'll update the info as soon as I find out what the price is.

  6. Thank you very much! I contacted a Canadian company that carries the perfumes for Teck,Peony and Cedar but they did not carry the whole line of scents.I was quoted for these to be $70.00 Canadian dollars which sounds really reasonable but I was so looking forward to some of more unusual ones too! Thank you so much for looking into this!

  7. I've just updated my post to include the price of Sensuelle Russi; it retails for 30 Euros.

  8. Hi!
    I called the number you provided in Paris and they told me they don't sell to N.America so I couldn't even begin to confirm the price.Did you contact them personally and ask if they would ship to the U.S.?

  9. Yes, I did call personally. The person I talked to was, I must say, resistant at first to give me shipping rates to the US, insisting it all depended on weight. I called a 2nd time realizing that with a little bit of goodwill on his part he could tell me how much shipping SR to the US would cost. Then he went to weigh the bottle and told me it would cost 12 Euros and that it normally took about a week to reach the US. So, they definitely ship to the US...when they're in a good mood(?)

  10. Good mood indeed.I wonder if your post prompted so much interest that they eschewed everyone else after that,lol?They made it crystal clear for me, no dice, no way,lol!Maybe sometime, this will be brought over here.Thanks for the info though.

  11. C,

    This is frustrating! It looks indeed like they changed their policy since the last time I talked to them. I'm afraid that many other info I may offer on my blog regarding niche lines might be useful only if you go to Paris or find a friend that will bring you back or send you a bottle or two:) It is so odd because they do have a site with the mail ordering info in English -- they should mention on their site that they don't ship to the US (anymore!).

  12. Hey, they also have it in a little shop in Madrid, Spain called Ramas, and I dunno if sell online, though they do have a "Contact" link... the address id
    I've got mine plus massage oil the other day, and the oils has a little illuninating golden sheen... quite nice!
    I hope this helps.


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