New Perfume: Rose Divine by Isabel Derroisné


Perfumer Céline Ellena, the daughter of Jean-Claude Ellena, has concocted a new juice for Isabel Derroisné called Rose Divine (Divine Rose). It was launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand. Its particularity is that it contains 1% of Rose Centifolia absolute which makes it a particularly persistent eau de parfum. The fragrance is described as having both a silky and velvety texture on the skin. The bottle is unusual, presenting an ultra flat shape. Céline Ellena is also the author of Jasmin de Nuit (her first perfume) and Sel de Vetiver for The Different Company.

Top note is rose macaron (a macaron is a pastry), middle note is rose centifolia, base notes are musks, sandalwood.

The perfume is on special until June 25 2006. During this period it is sold 39 Euros instead of 65 Euros. Shipping is free within France for purchases amounting to at least 15 Euros.

More information can be found on the site of Isabel Derroisné

Image source: Osmoz 

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  1. Oh wow, this sounds absolutely marvelous - I hope it crosses the pond at some point! I have never heard of this company before, so I don't know if anything else they make is available here or not.

  2. I think that they do only direct retailing through their website in France.

  3. Oh, this bottle is gorgeous. The fragrance sounds beautiful as well. That discount price till the 25th may push me over the edge on this. Thanks for posting about that!

  4. I asked their CS and they won't deliver to the US but suggested finding an intermediary either in France or Germany.

    It does sound gorgeous. They also offer a personality and perfume test on their site which I took. I took it twice with slight variations and both times they reached the same conclusion, so it must be true:) It's a lot of fun and it uses very pleasant imagery to try to identify your perfume personality.

  5. I'm hoping then that George gets it in at FIF soon. My French is close to noneexistent, yet that test was remarkably easy to understand and take. Definitely fun and they did get it right!

  6. I thought that the test format offered there was better than the one they propose on the Malle website. I loved the fact that they try to appeal to our unconscious selves through archetypal imagery.

    Maybe a note on your part to George might help:)


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