Perfume Review & Musings: Vanille Citrus by Comptoir Sud Pacifique


The latest fragrance by CSP is inspiring me my shortest perfume review ever: if you like lemon meringue, go for it. I can almost smell the eggs that the recipe requires in this concoction. Intensely gourmand, sweet, milky, lemoney, and highly concentrated. Despite the advertised freshness, it is essentially a low-pitched, dessert-like skin scent.

Notes are, Candied Lemon Peel, Brazilian Orange, Blackcurrant Syrup, Tahitian Vanilla, Pink Hibiscus, Sweet Rose Jam, Chocolate, Vanilla Cream, Sugared Condensed Milk.

Price is $49 for 50 ml or 1.6 oz. You can purchase it at Beauty Cafe and Sephora

Photo is from Beauty Cafe 

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