Scented Quote of the Day, from Alberto Morillas:


"I advise women to switch perfumes. I find sad the type of woman who uses the same perfume all of her life, who, maybe because of her insecurities or lack of personality or taste does not try out other, different fragrances...

...The woman who appreciates perfume is the one who experiments, alternates, whose scent changes."

in Etiqueta Negra, August 20, 2002. (translated from the Spanish by Marie-Hélène Wagner.)

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  1. At last, here is the validation we needed - the great perfume master Alberto Morillas INSISTS that we try as many perfumes as possible?!?! How can we refuse the advice of such an expert? It's practically a COMMAND! :-)

  2. It certainly is:) And especially, I don't know how I could go about without trying as many of HIS perfumes as possible. I just love what he does.

  3. It kind of irked me, this quote of his. Isn't it going a bit to far to suggest that a woman with one signature scent lacks personality or taste? Or doesn't appreciate perfume? My mother'in-law has been wearing one particular scent for I think 50 years now, having started after her husband first bought it for her way back when. I can assure Mr. Morillas that she has very distinctive personality, lots of character and great taste. :-)

  4. A quote is a quote that is, it should serve as basis for discussion rather than be interpreted as a diktat!

    Personally, I think the positive element of this quote is that it attempts to break a certain conformism that still exists whereas a woman should not be too "unfaithful" where perfumes are concerned. Some women even decide to choose a signature scent once they become mothers because they want their kids to remember this scent fondly later on. I think that this is very constraining for themselves and for their entourage.

    I am not against people wearing the same scent all of their lives; I think it must bring great comfort if you can find that one scent that makes you feel great.

    Nevertheless, I also think that there is a sense of progress in trying to remove one's guilt feelings about "fickleness" where perfumes are concerned. I think it is important to stress that perfumes are like books or movies and that anyone would think it mad to encourage people to just read one book or watch the same movie over and over again in one's lifetime. I agree that it is a strong and provocative opinion. I think that we are at a junction in time where mentalities are evolving and that this creates a tension, tends to define ideological camps:)

    Would it be indiscreet to ask what is the perfume that your mother-in-law wears? I'm wondering also how open she is to your diametrically opposed style of perfume-wearing? I'm guessing that she is not being as judgemental as Morillas otherwise you wouldn't be defending her:)

  5. I agree that he's breaking the mold for women who grew up with the old-fashioned notion of having to stay faithful to one scent. As for being judgmental--I don't think signature people are necessarily insecure but I'm all for prominent perfumers coming out to say that it's OK for women to be daring and change. I think he's just defending those of us who like to experiment--we've gotten a bad rap thus far. In the end, all women should be free to be as we choose without judgment from others, period. I like this guy.

  6. It is Mitsouko :-) MIL hasn't (yet) fainted or screamed or hissed at the sight of my ever growing collection , so I guess I am lucky in that respect. :-)

  7. I agree with Marina: Something about this quote irks me, too. I guess I just don't like a man telling (or in this case "suggesting") women what they should or should not do, especially when it comes to their personal choices. And to me, perfume is a very personal choice.

    Sorry, but that's just how it's coming across to me, although I agree with him in theory.


  8. S,

    You're absolutely right, he is trying to break the mold. Second, I think that this statement derives from his own genuine puzzlement at how people could be so stable with perfumes. He says himself that he is very fickle and that he changes perfumes after every shower he takes. He has one favorite nevertheless, one of his creations, Flower by Kenzo.

  9. M,

    Lovely choice:) It's great to be tolerant of each other's lifestyle choices:)

  10. R,

    Morillas undeniably has strong opinions. Although I don't necessarily agree with him, I see where he is coming from. I guess that what he means is that one should look at the motivation for holding on to one scent: is it love or is it a mere habit? I think he could respect the first, but not the latter.

  11. I didn't know you spoke Spanish, TOO! You are woman of many talents, H. Morillas is a genius, of course, and I guess I can appreciate his sentiment (obviously!) I liken it this way: you would not listen to only one CD for your whole life, so why would you choose one perfume for life?

  12. I do not speak Spanish but I can read it:) I love hispanohone poetry and literature in general.

    The question for me is why we have invested perfume with the mission of being a stable reference?

  13. What an interesting array of analyses as to the possible motivation of Morillas' comment :) I love it! Here's my take on the comment, perhaps too obvious -- I think he's just promoting his product and promoting perfume buying in general. The reason? -- Women who experiment with different scents will spend exponentially more on fragrance over their lifetimes than those who adopt only one signature fragrance. Take it from someone who has spent more than I care to calculate on perfumes. It is a delightful but expensive habit.


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