Scented Quote of the Day, from Jean-Paul Guerlain



 "I've learned, that when you turn out the lights, you don't see a woman's dress, or her jewels, or the hairstyle she's worked so hard to achieve. You smell her scent, which is the most intense form of memory. And my secret is that love has been related to every fragrance I've created. As my grandfather told me when I was 16, we should always create perfumes for the women whom we love."

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  1. Alas. Mimi- where is OUR Jean-Paul Guerlain?

    Truly, a beautiful sentiment [no pun intended].

    Thanks for daily inspiration...

    chaya ruchama
  2. Chaya,

    You're welcome -- When he retired he said he was going to continue to create fragrances but in private.

    Mimi Froufrou
  3. This just melts my heart it's so beautifully said!

  4. No wonder I love Guerlain so much! What an amazingly sensitive, intimate and insightful thing to say.



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