Fragrance of the Moment: Atelier d'Artiste by Nez à Nez


I am sampling Atelier d'Artiste (Artist's Studio) by Nez à Nez. I received their collection of 10 perfumes and tested them over the weekend. Atelier is my favorite from the line so far. I find it to be the most complex and dark; it conjures up for me images of dark wood, warm, aged alcohols (rhum and cognac) drank at a party at a smoky artist's studio, the aroma of a dark grape whose color is similar to that of a thick balsamic vinegar from Modena - I imagine more precisely dark Moldovan wine brought as a present and left over from a previous party - wafting through the smoke of the studio, and finally, incense. The perfume evokes to me a working-hard-and-playing-hard atmosphere. I will review it soon more in detail and present the other scents as well.

What fragrance are you wearing today?

Image is from Nez à Nez.

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  1. Ooh, that sounds very interesting, H. Where did you get your tester kit?

    Today I am wearing Guerlain Voile d'Ete. Lovely indeed!


  2. R,

    You can get the tester kit from their website. They are currently closed until August 18. Shipping charge to the US is less than advertised: 6 Euros instead of 15 Euros.

    Today I'm wearing Chinatown.

  3. Lovely notes,and mental imagery...

    This one sounds like a must-smell...

    Today is happy happy Aria di Capri day- mimosa, peach, and bay...

    Hope you are well and happy, too-

  4. Chaya,

    I'm enjoying the summer. I am very happy if only because I have been smelling a series of wonderful perfumes these past few days.

    Be well


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