Fragrance of the Moment: Thé Pour Un Eté by L'Artisan


I am sampling Thé Pour Un Eté by L'Artisan. This is an exquisite floral, fresh, and sensual tea scent. It is also a wonderful antidote for the heat. It smells very, very close to fresh jasmine tea but with an added layer of floralcy. To my nose, it actually smells equal parts tea, citrus, and sweet jasmine. There is a lovely hint of mint too. Staying power is excellent; I could still smell it in the morning after having applied it the night before. The citrus notes stay on which is rare and a rather sophisticated trick. I need to get a bottle of this little bijou.

What are you wearing now?

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  1. One of my favorite L'Artisans. It is so refreshing in the summer. I probably wear this and Bulgari Blanc more than anything else in the summer.

  2. What a great pick! I wish I had discovered this one before I discovered Bulgari's green tea fragrance. I wore the latter to death, so by the time I tested The Pour un Ete, I was finished with refreshing tea fragrances, know what I mean? I do, however, like the breath of mint in it.

    Today I am wearing Boucheron Jaipur Saphir. The weather has cooled considerably since last week, so it is perfect. This one is another highly underrated jewel, too, in my opinion.


  3. You know sometimes I drink a cup of jasmine/green tea, that combination is so nice that I thought it would be perfect for a fragrance. The fresh green tea combined with the deep sensual flowery smell of jasmine is just wonderful.

  4. One of my first L'Artisans- lovely in the heat!

    I'm bathed in Lys Mediterranee today- happy, summery sillage, round and voluptuous...

    Have a great w/e,ma petite!

  5. March,

    I'm struck by its great staying power as many L'Artisans do not have this characteristic.

  6. R,

    Some people think it smells a lot like Bulgari Thé Vert but I did not think about this resemblance before reading about it. Now, I try to abstract from this comparison as I think it does not do Thé Pour Un Eté justice.

  7. Jenny,

    It is indeed a beautiful scent. I think you will like Thé Pour Un Eté.

  8. Chaya,

    Lys Méditerrannée is one of my favorite Malles. Hope you had a great weekend.


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