The 5th Sense In The News: 4711 Eau de Cologne on the Wane?


An interesting article offering historical details about the career of the Mülhens 4711 cologne. Procter & Gamble have now decided to sell it off and to focus on celebrity perfumes instead. I hope the blue and gold bottles are not going to go away after more than 200 years and that this is not the beginning of the end! P & G say they are going to keep the production site in Cologne. Mülhens 4711 must be the most famous number for a perfume together with Chanel no 5.

4711 Eau de Cologne no longer smells right for US parent. 

Source: Deutsche Welle (in English)

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  1. No! I don't want them to discontinue it!! One of my cheap and cheerful loves!

  2. P&G say they are confident someone will be interested in acquiring the brand.

  3. So unfair!!!

    I just introduced the next generation to it- my 16 year old is an addict- thank G-d, Filene's Basement is swimming in it, marked down...

  4. Chaya,

    I think folks are optimistic about the continuation of 4711. Maybe it would sell better if it were less cheap:)

  5. I have just purchased 4711 Colognette tissues in Australia. These are not the same as the tissues I have been using all my life - even the scent is different. I NEED the old familiar ones.

    Valerie Grieg

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