New Perfume: Tabu Flores by Dana


Dana have released a new perfume for the Brazilian market called Tabu Flores. Tabu is apparently very popular in Brazil. The new scent is described as a floral oriental. Notes include white flowers, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, and vanilla.

Source (updated 05/02/2013):  Tabu Cosmeticos

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  1. Tabu is indeed popular in Brazil. When I was there, travelling around for a month to do some stories and on a very tight budget, I suddenly tired of the frag I'd packed and needed a new, cheap fix. Found Tabu in Sao Paolo for next to nothing on a table full of toiletries and had a good chat about it in my appalling "portugnol" with the seller. So that's how I ended up smelling of Tabu deep into the savannah of central Brazil.

  2. Not surprised about the popularity of Tabu in Brazil...

    It fits, somehow, with the atmosphere-

    As always, I LOVE carmencanada's contes-

    She, too, should write a book, definitely a biography.

    Be well, you two !

  3. Chaya,

    I see you lead an adventurous life sometimes:)

  4. I mean Carmen.

  5. I would love to explore south and central America.


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