Labradors are Trained to Sniff out Porn Addiction


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Labradors are Trained to Sniff out Porn Addiction

Experts know that porn addiction is associated with the release of a set of chemical compounds, which can then be recognized by specially trained Labrador dogs called, poor them, « porn dogs » (wouldn't "porn detective dogs" sound better for their dignity?). But it's all for the best...

Their job is to olfactorily detect said chemical compounds on a series of electronic storage devices like thumb drives, SIM cards, phones, tablets etc.

This is how the infamous Jared Fogle, the Subway sandwich chain spokesman, got caught and jailed for 15 years on child pornography charges.

In Utah, but also in Alaska and Mississipi, the consumption of obscene materials has reached public health crisis level. There, like everywhere else where it appears - the Internet is a prime example - children who get exposed are damaged by what they see. Images released by the porn industry serve as sexual education for them coming to define their idea of sex, which then becomes associated with violence, exploitation, objectification - in short, dehumanization - and certainly not love, a far more subtle topic, which cannot be for sale, hence its poor market value, except in stereotypically written, mass-marketed romance novels.

While we wait for Labradors to be trained to sniff out fake, syrupy love, at least right now, they are able to sniff out one of its most damaging perversions.

Via The Times: Porn-Sniffing Dog Leads Utah's Fight against Smut & New York Daily News, Utah, which declared X-rated films a 'public health crisis,' gets its first porn-seeking dog

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