Diesel Bad Boasts an Accord of Caviar + Tobacco (2016) {New Fragrance} {Men's Perfume}


Diesel Bad

Diesel are going for full-blown stereotyping with their new fragrance for men called Bad, although according to Nicola Formichetti, the creative director of Diesel, « bad » means « good »...

He told Women's Wear Daily that,

"We never had a very, very classic but masculine fragrance yet," he said. "This is much more mature and modern, with a Diesel touch. For me, [by] 'bad boys' we don't mean someone negative. For us at Diesel, 'bad' is something very positive, energetic."

The perfume composition centers on an innovative accord of caviar + tobacco. The idea of showcasing caviar as a major note was first done by Thierry Mugler with Womanity, where it was paired with fig. According to the brand, the new fragrance,

"combines notes of tobacco and caviar, discovering the fresh salty side of the woody scents territory."


Perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm of International Fragrances and Flavors co-created the scent. It opens on a dynamic top of citruses and cool spices with bergamot, cardamom and lavender. The caviar accord was made to feel « erotic », its saltiness bridging the distance between it and sweat, evoking a sensation meant to feel "like a trickle of sweat on a man's chiseled body." Tobacco and iris root styled to come across as masculine and rough heat up the composition.

The bad boy in charge of the ads is American actor and model Boyd Holbrook who spins the consensual, urban-and-rural mythology of the biker for maximum reach.

The new scent is set to launch from mid-August 2016.

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