Moynat to Bring Back Fragrant Cuir de Russie Leather Goods in 2017 {The 5th Sense in the News}


Moynat to Sell Cuir de Russie Handbags

French patrimonial leathergoods house Moynat Est. 1829, a brand purchased by the LVMH luxury group, have set their sights on reawakening interest in a rare leather, world-famous under the name of Cuir de Russie...

Russian leather's properties are that it's waterproof thanks to a birch bark oil treatment and delicately scented with a mix of incense, smoke, myrrh - and of course birch; it used to be colored red and popular in the bookbinding business in particular. Its aromatic profile inspired a classical accord of perfumery which gave rise to a slew of Cuir de Russie perfumes. While such scents can still be had and worn today, it is much more unusual to count on finding a leather good made out of it.

Moynat went back to 300 year old cuir de Russie skins to conduct research on the feasability and historical accuracy of their new production. Its artistic director Ramesh Nair heads the project which will be executed by Tanneries Roux, a calf skin specialist. The new skins are called « veau impérial » or « Imperial Calfskin ».

The new-and-ancient leathers will be adorning the Gabrielle hand-bags, Moynat's debut backpacks and mini vanity cases from the beginning of 2017.

It might only be a matter of time for the house to propose a Cuir de Russie perfume by Moynat in the future, although at this time, the currrent endeavor is much more original.

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