Courrèges Hyperbole ≈ Feminine Tobacco (2016) {New Perfume}


Courrèges Hyperbole Eau de Parfum

The fashion house of Courrèges introduced a new feminine fragrance this fall called Hyperbole, a reference to the eponymous 1970s sportswear line by the label...

The edp was co-authored by perfumers Jean Jacques and Antoine Lie from Takasago. The main idea behind the jus was to take traditional masculine notes and let them express their feminine side, such as for pepper and tobacco. The goal nevertheless was to create a « hyper-feminine » perfume.

Some will think of Caron Tabac Blond (1919), which is still available, when thinking about a reference tobacco fragrance for women (not a cigarette one).

The spicy oriental composition opens on top notes of white pepper and bergamot essence leading to a heart of tobacco blossom and tonka bean. The base rests on cacao, vanilla and patchouli.

The Mod flacon contains an orange jus, color-coded for the 70s' love of the youthful and dynamic color.

The advertising campaign is an homage to Grace Jones,

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