Fragrance of the Moment: Gucci edp by Gucci




I am still wearing Gucci edp and do not tire of its beauty. I keep smelling different aspects of it all along the day. It goes like this: "Hmmm, what's that scrumptious smell?" sniffs wrist "Oh, Gucci edp!" Two hours later I am caught off guard by a beautiful soft aroma lingering on about me. I instinctively look sideways toward the side table near the armchair where I am working to try to see if any flower has been left behind there...

Perhaps a bouquet was improperly trashed and a flower is drying quietly somewhere nearby. Nothing visible to the naked eye. "What's that?" Checks wrist. "Hmmm, unbelievable...Gucci." A third unknown warm sensual scent floats around me later on. "Don't tell me...Gucci?" Checks wrists. "Yep, yep, yep and wow!".

I cannot believe my luck. Not only is the perfume beautiful in and of itself but there seems to be a languorous dance going on with everything: my body chemistry, the ambient temperature, my mind etc. There is a generosity about this perfume that is simply impressive. It gives and gives and gives...

I will go even further than what I said the other day; this scent deserves not only a signature scent status, it deserves a cult status. I am telling it like it is.

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  1. Well, ma belle-
    You've gone and done it...

    Today, I'll visit the most lovely Ann F. at Neiman's and check this out...

    [BTW,you must know her- she's gorgeous, smart, blonde, and very truthful. We've been friends for over 25 years!]

    Be well-

  2. Good morning Chaya,

    It's a great fragrance, I hope you'll like it.

    Actually, I seldom shop at Neiman's. Last time I went there I was surprised to see how the atmosphere was so much colder than at Saks (where I also seldom go to). I was wondering why. Fortunately, I receive some of the recent releases.

    You must be one of Anne F's very favorite customers:)

  3. I was thinking about Gucci and you yesterday. It sounds to me like this is one of those very rare loves, where you meet a fragrance and it's as if you were made for each other -- the level of enchantment and satisfaction is that deep. How many of those come along in a lifetime? Very few.

  4. You know, it's a strange thing-

    I tend to forge relationships that run very deep, from circumstances that normally would be quite superficial.

    That's probably just my own craziness !

    The end result is , that I establish lasting, supportive, and loving relationships all over the place... and it never ceases to amaze me,how much pain and suffering exists in the world, thinly veiled by good grooming...

    I go and sniff at NM's, and to catch up on my friends' various situations...

    Ann will create a sample for you out of most anything you desire- she's among my favorite Capricorn females of all time!

    If you should meet, let her know about your passions, if you feel comfortable sharing that.

    She's quite remarkable...

    Be well !

    [I just love introducing interesting folk to one another- must be that Eastern European oozing out of me !]

  5. Hi March,

    You know, it actually made me think of the kind of feelings I felt when I met my then future husband. It just felt different and so very right on an intuitive level.

  6. Chaya,

    When you describe yourself you make me think of my mother. She is a very human person and people love her.

    I will keep your advice in mind:)

  7. Helene-

    Thank you for your kindness.

    Not every maternal remembrance is a pleasant one, and I'm honored...

  8. Good day to you. I have the same thoughts about this unique and giving fragrance. This is so opulent that (also idea of wearing only one fragrance whole life seems to me absurd, concerning many other scent) this super-scent is capable to became my fragrance for life. And - to my huge grieve - the production of a scent was ended. At least for Europe. Now I am widowed. Do you have something on your mind what can be close to this generous bouquet? Something that can wipe out my tears. If so - chapeau bas!


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