New Perfume: Paprika Brasil by Hermès


The Hermessence collection of olfactory poems now includes a sixth opus called Paprika Brasil by the in-house perfumer, Jean Claude Ellena. It was inspired by Brazil wood or ember wood and the work of French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss, Tristes Tropiques...

It was conceived of as a unisex fragrance.

Top notes are pimento, clove, paprika. Heart notes are iris, green leaves. Base notes are reseda, ember wood, woody notes.

The perfume is exclusively sold in Hermès boutiques.

Source: Ozmoz

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  1. I called them yesterday [Hermes] and they really have no idea when this will be available - they think November...

    Have you sniffed yet?
    Rumor is that it's sweet, but that isn't much to go on, and certainly not a deterrent to the curious and intrepid...!

    [Don't we fall into that cavernous category ?]

  2. Dear Chaya,

    I haven't smelled it yet. It will come our ways, don't worry, it will be available soon enough as it is their nature to be made available :)


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