Parfumerie Générale is Now Available at Luckyscent + New Arrivals {Shopping Tips}


A large selection of fragrances from the French line Parfumerie Générale are now available at Luckyscent. You will be able to purchase: Aomassaï, Coze, Cuir Venenum, Harmatan Noir, Hyperessence Matale, Ilang Ivohibe, Intrigant Patchouli, Iris Taizo, L'Eau Rare Matale, and Yuzu Ab Irato.

A 50 ml flacon retails for $80. Samples are available for $3 each or alternatively you can try the whole selection of scents as a sampler pack for $30, including two other new scents, Aroma M Geisha Marron and Susanne Lang Tambotti Wood. 

Source: Luckyscent 

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  1. Somebody spank me, please...
    I just ordered the sampler.
    I need my head examined...

  2. You are a very bad girl Chaya, LOL.


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