Shopping for Festive Flacons for the Holidays - Part I {Fragrance News / New Bottles}


With the practical aim of rounding up some of the most eye-catching new bottles of perfume coming out to woo you for Holidays 2015, here's a series in several installments showcasing Limited-Edition Collector Flacons prettied up for those moments of celebration that light up the atmosphere during the fall and winter seasons...

As always, yellow gold is a big trend for gift offering in the perfume world at this time of the year. The metal catches the light better when it's either darker outside - or more rutilating inside thanks to sparkling candles or chandeliers - so it's a good option for a counterpoint to a quieter nature.

Cartier La Panthère Eau de Parfum Edition de Noël (shown above) sows gold dust on one of the most beautiful fragrance flacons in the industry, making look the iconically etched panther almost holographic and all made up with fine glitter. (SRP: 108,90€)

My_Burberry_festive.jpg Also inspired by makeup is My Burberry Festive which comes now in a golden jus with sparklies in suspension. It smells exactly the same otherwise. It's like you wearing gold eye-shadow: you're the same, just a bit more dressed up and exuberant-looking. (SRP: $125)

Lolita_Lempicka_Minuit_d_or.jpg Lolita Lempicka Minuit d'Or completely covers Eau de Minuit Eau de Parfum with a layer of pale gold making it look like a Christmas tree decoration made out of thin blown Mercury glass. (SRP: 99,50€)

Nina_Ricci_edition_or.jpg Nina Ricci Nina Edition d'Or transforms the popular Nina eau de toilette into an object seemingly covered in gold leaf and patina. This is an illusion thanks to a textural, industrially-obtained effect of brushed gold. (SRP: 71,50€)

MURE_MUSC_EXTREME_150_ans.jpg For the real deal, you can turn to L'Artisan Parfumeur Mûre et Musc Extrême in a special edition limited to 30 copies and covered with 24 carat gold leaf thanks to the deft hands of artisan Eric de Meyer who helms the specialist workshop at Château de Versailles.

Happy Early Xmas Shopping!

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