Ambra di Venezia Parfum {Shopping Tip} { Holiday Gift Ideas}



If you are looking for a special fragrance gift that offers the unique charm of hand-made objects, then Ambra di Venezia Parfum contained in a hand-blown Venetian glass flacon might be an option...

The company's description: "In Ambra di Venezia you will discover a really fine scent, a beautiful flacon and a little magic of Venice. The artful alchemy of a master perfume. The creator of Ambra di Venezia, Montgomery Taylor studied glass blowing in Venice and New York. For Ambra di Venezia, he introduces his signature hand blown flacon. Each piece is one of a kind, signed and numbered. Ambra di Venezia is the artful alchemy of a master perfumer... A captivating scent with the wistful elegance of fragrance classics. The essence is based on French narcissus and jasmine, with the additions of mango, mandarin orange and lime".

It is one of the Aedes de Venustas selections for Vivre with whom they are working in partnership. This is also definitely one of the TSS' selections from their own short list.

Ambra di Venezia Parfum in this beautiful old-world charm flacon retails for $350. You can purchase it here.

Source: Vivre


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