Bond no9 Swarovski Perfume Collection {Shopping Tips} {Holiday Gift Ideas}





Bond no 9 has issued a sparkling collection of Swarovski-crystal-studded fragrance gifts for the holidays. You can choose to relax by the candle and crystal lights of Chinatown or adorn your vanity with a limited edition of Nuits de Noho dressed in midnight blue and shiny crystalline stars. For people who like variety, two fancy assortments of Bond no 9 perfumes are available....

The Swarovski Pocket Spray Box, $195.
A handy little portable spray flacon gets pave’d with black Swarovski stones. Includes Chelsea Flowers, Chinatown, and Eau de New York.
The Chinatown Candle, (also crystallized), $185.
Our plum blossom limited edition pillar studded with tiny Swarovski crystals that sparkle and shine.
Nuits de Noho crystallized Swarovski, 3.4 oz $395.
A limited edition of our superstar bottle in midnight blue, studded with sparkling Swarovski stars.

The Perfumista's Custom Blending Box, $240.
A selection of our most desirable fragrances in refillable, travel-ready, foil-wrapped spray flacons, plus one empty so you can mix your own Bond blends. Includes 16 custom mixable metro-centric scents.

You can purchase them online at Bond no 9

Source: Bond no 9 

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