Les Beurres Exquis by Frederic Malle {Beauty Notes, Fragrant Shopping, & New Perfumes}


Frederic Malle has released a series of four luscious and refined body butters based on 4 of their 15 fragrances from the Editions de Parfums line. Those are Beurre d'Iris (90 Euros) based on Iris Poudre, Absolue Cassie (100 Euros) on Une Fleur de Cassie, Absolue de Rose Turque DM (110 Euros) on Une rose, and Absolue Tubereuse DM (125 Euros) on Carnal Flower.

The hydrating base was created by an MD, Dr. Patricia Le Bastard. The Beurres Exquis (Exquisite Butters) come in 200 g jars made of luxurious black bakelite.

Source: Chez Sarra 


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  1. They ARE truly luscious, but, oh...
    That poor woman.
    What a moniker !

  2. I will be needing ALL of these, please. especially the Carnal Flower body butter - were there ever four more delicious words strung together: :-)


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