New Beauty Blog For The Scented Salamander: All About Beauty {Beauty Notes}


Dear Readers,

Just wanted to let you know that I started a beauty blog called All About Beauty. Despite its name, it does not pretend to be exhaustive, rather to be very eclectic in its approach to the phenomenon of beauty put in social, cultural, and historical contexts.....

I am sure you have better things to do right now than hang around blogs - it's such a busy Holiday season - but thought I might as well inform you sooner rather than later, especially since I find it less easy than I thought to reach my goal of writing a week's worth of posts before announcing the new page in public. As all of you do, I am getting ready for the Holidays but also preparing to travel to visit my family in France and so time is flying by. We will nevertheless plan to post both on AAB and TSS in the coming days and weeks.

Happy Holidays! 


PS: I will cover fragrances also there but in a more practical and social-event-oriented way.


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