Tihota, Manakara, & Isvaraya by Indult {New Perfumes}



A new French perfume brand called Indult (from Christian Latin indultum: concession, favor) has introduced three fragrances called Tihota, Manakara, and Isvaraya. The perfumes were created by Francis Kurkdjian. Each one of them is devoted to an important perfumery note, here respectively vanilla, rose, and patchouli.....

Indeed to buy one of the Indult perfumes amounts to being a king or a prince granted a privilege from the Pope or feels like paying the King of Spain's tax on precious metals and products originating from America as the historical references go. Only 999 copies of each will be marketed exclusively at Sephora in France. Only those buying one of the perfumes, which come in a rosewood box, will be given the exclusive privilege to purchase more of the perfumes.

The edps retail for 160 Euros for 50 ml.

Source: Cosmetic News 

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  1. Oh, M-H !
    I'm quite smitten- the description + minimalism , is very tempting.
    So relieved that this will not be possible for me...
    BUT, if YOU do happen to sniff these, would you be so good as to share your impressions [so that I can swoon vicariously?]

    Hope all is well with you...
    Je t'embrasse...

  2. Chaya,

    Certainly, I'll do that.

  3. These sound wonderful! I have great respect for Francis Kurkdjian, who authored some of my favourite perfumes. However, the priciness puts me off. I suppose I'll just wait for you to review them and, like dear sweet Chaya, swoon vicariously. ;-)
    Btw, how does Gaultier2 grab you?

  4. Well Dusan, I tested it very quickly once as I was more interested in taking a picture of a message on its back and I can't remember any strong olfactory impressions from that day. I'll have to sniff it again.

  5. Marie-Helene, ma belle de jour-
    Marina shared these w/ me- I sniffed them yesterday.
    They are all remarkable- Really.
    I think you'd be impressed.
    Not that we actually need any more, you and I...

  6. Chaya,

    No, maybe not, but it's always good to cultivate one's nose. Moreover, if they're that good, I wouldn't mind getting one at all.

    They sent me those and so I'm planning to report soon:)


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