Update on the Classics by Nina Ricci: Coeur Joie, Fille d'Eve, Capricci, and Farouche {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses} {Holiday Gift Ideas}


I had the opportunity to speak with a rep from Nina Ricci, a charming and very helpful young man by the way, and the following is the complementary information I was given.

According to Nina Ricci, the possibility of purchasing the classic fragrances Coeur Joie (1946), Fille d'Eve (1952), Capricci (1961), and Farouche (1974) has always remained. The way the system works is that you need to custom-order them unless the very select perfumery you address yourself to happens to have the scent you are looking for....

The best and most rapid way to order the scents in Paris is to go to the Nina Ricci stands either at the Printemps or Galeries Lafayette Haussmann because you will be dealing with personel from the house. Apparently the boutique 39, Avenue Montaigne does not cover perfume orders as they focus on fashion. It can take up to 15 days to receive your order.

The perfumes are freshly made each time. The rep told me that it would actually be more expensive for them to keep old stocks than to propose this system of custom-ordering. 

Farouche is the only one that is available both in 15 ml and 33 ml flacons for 300 Euros and 500 Euros respectively. All the other fragrances retail for 300 Euros for 15 ml, except for Fille d'Eve, the most expensive one which retails for 500 Euros for a 15 ml size.

For potential customers in the United States the rep recommended getting in touch with the Nina Ricci office (not boutique) that's closest to you and ordering the perfumes through them. The scents then would be made in Paris and sent back to them.


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  1. Dear Marie - Helene,
    Merci Beaucoup pour faire celui- ci ! Je reve de Farouche ! J'appelerai Nina Ricci a NY . Apres je vous dirai les resultats !
    A bientot --
    Madelyn E

  2. D'accord, à bientôt!

  3. I really have been so curious about these and had hubby call the boutique in Paris for me.They said they would not ship out of France.I didn't even know they had any offices here in the U.S.! I must try a google and see if I can get anything listed for the U.S. Thank you for this info---I've tried to find out more about these but felt spurned by the answer my husband recieved.

    Christina H.

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